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Troop 304


4355 Cobb Parkway, Suite J441

Atlanta, GA  30339

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Meetings Held at: Rogers & Westmoreland Activity Center

The Lovett Campus 7:30pm

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     Troop 304 Updates 

           Summer Camp Update

Listed below are a few reminders and updates related to our upcoming trip to Camp Raven Knob.  Please review this material and the website as it should contain answers to most of the questions you may have.   

 p  Departure – On Sunday, July 27th, we will leave promptly at 8:00 am from Lovett’s pond area.  The bus cannot turn around easily in the parking deck.    If you are not planning to ride the bus, please let Mr. Mulcahy know as soon as possible.

 p  Departure Process – PLEASE follow the simple check in process when you arrive to Lovett.  Please drive through the circle in front of the pond and follow the three step “drive thru” check in process as follows: 

1.      Mr. Googe will do a quick check-in with both the Scout and family (Uniform, swimsuit, gear, etc.) 

2.      Mr. David Eckardt will collect all medications and review paperwork.

3.      Scouts will assist you to easily move your gear from your vehicle right into the bus.

p  Return – Late Friday night August 1st, we will call each family 30-60 minutes outside of Atlanta.  We expect to arrive late between 11:00 and 12:00 midnight depending on traffic.

p  Medicines -   Each Scout needs to bring his meds in a Ziploc bag with his name clearly marked on the outside of the bag.   Place his name and instructions, dosage, etc on a card placed inside the bag.  If they have epi-pens or inhalers, they must bring two.  One is keep with me and the other with the boy. 

 p  Uniforms – Scouts should wear their bathing suit and any Scout T-shirt on the bus Sunday.  No sandals or flip-flops.  They must also have at least one Class A uniform for the trip which includes official Scout shirt and Lovett khaki shorts.  All scouts are required to have class A uniforms.  (See descriptions in Troop Guide)  All scouts will be expected to wear their uniforms at the appointed times, without exception. 

 p  Shoes – No open toes shoes are allowed anywhere in camp except the tent and shower.  Please do not send flip flops or sandals.  Each Scout should have at least two pair of shoes.  We will be hiking so boots are highly suggested.

 p  Gear – See the updated gear list attached below.

 p  Camping/Wilderness Survival  Merit Badge – Scouts that are taking Camping or Wilderness survival do not need to go on the overnighter as suggested by camp.  You will not need a pack or sleeping bag.  I prefer our Scouts to stay in camp with the troop and enjoy the shaving cream.

 p  Merit Badge Schedule – Each Scout will receive a personalized schedule including a map upon arrival at camp.  Listed on the last two pages of this update is the current schedule and legend.

 p  Merit Badge Pamphlets – The troop will bring our library of merit badge pamphlets.  Scouts do not need to purchase merit badge pamphlets in advance.   Pamphlets are available at camp. 

p  Swimming Merit Badge - If you are doing the swimming merit badge, bring a pair of loose-fitting long pants and a long-sleeved shirt that you don't mind getting wet.

p  Day Pack – I strongly suggest that each scout pack their gear into a trunk for summer camp.  Duffel bags and luggage are difficult to live out of for a week.  Almost all boys will have them.  Each Scouts should also have a day pack with the following inside:

1.      Merit-Badge Supplies, Notebook, Paper, Pencils,

2.      Sunscreen and Insect Repellent (No Aerosol Cans!)

3.      Water Bottle

4.      Towel

5.      Wallet with Change for Drink Machines

p  Mail and telephone:  Call the camp only in case of emergency,  Mail can be sent to (but don’t send it later than Monday):

                        Raven Knob Scout Reservation

                        (Scout’s name), Troop 304

                        266 Raven Knob Road
                        Mt. Airy, NC 27030
                        Office Phone: (336) 352-4307
                        Fax: (336) 352-3445

 p  Emergency Phone – Use the Camp phone number above first, and then  try Mr. Googe;, Cell - 404.895.2633

 p  Email:  Use the Raven Knob website to send electronic messages to Scouts attending camp this week.   Go to the website and make the appropriate selection based on the dates we will be attending. 

o Click Here to Send Email   

 p  Money – They will spend what you give them.  They must have money for lunch going up and coming back.  I’d suggest a minimum of $5 per day plus money for meals to and from camp.  They will receive a camp patch and T-short but there are plenty of tempting souvenirs and wonderful junk food.

 p  See further details on the website.

 Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers,  Mr.  Googe

     Scout Advancement Records

       Scout Advancement Records - Click on the link (Scout Advancement Records) to the left and sign up to review your Advancement records online.  You should have received an email with specific instructions on this process.  Email Mrs. Neville if you need the instructions on how to register.

           Troop Eagle Scout Checklist

Life Scouts and Eagle Candidates should download and review the newly developed Troop Eagle checklist.  Whether you are planning your Eagle Project or your ceremony, you will find this list helpful.  Click here to download or see the Resources Tab.

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